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Maintenance Detection: The Case of the Broken Freezer

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A few weeks ago, we let you know about one of our services — helping your business detect when appliances have broken or are about to break. Recently, we’ve seen this feature of PlotWatt’s software in action. Since PlotWatt’s team of algorithm developers has worked hard to perfect the detection of malfunctioning appliances, it has been exciting for us — and quite useful for our customers — to see this feature in action.

PlotWatt 101 for QSRs: Detecting Breaking and Broken Appliances

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Imagine a world where you can predict the future – the future of your store’s appliances, that is. As a QSR owner, the state of your appliances probably weighs heavy on your mind – after all, large appliances are the workhorses of the QSR world, and breakdowns slow your business to a crawl. PlotWatt knows you worry, and we’ve developed tools that can make those worries disappear.

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