Maintenance Detection: The Case of the Broken Freezer

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A few weeks ago, we let you know about one of our services — helping your business detect when appliances have broken or are about to break. Recently, we’ve seen this feature of PlotWatt’s software in action. Since PlotWatt’s team of algorithm developers has worked hard to perfect the detection of malfunctioning appliances, it has been exciting for us — and quite useful for our customers — to see this feature in action.

During a recent pilot with a local Burger King® location, our software identified a walk-in freezer had begun to malfunction over a weekend. PlotWatt’s software sent alerts to our team, and we quickly sent the store owner a notification saying that his freezer may be breaking down. A maintenance check confirmed that the appliance was malfunctioning.

The early notification gave the owner the opportunity to schedule a repair immediately, avoiding inventory loss and food safety concerns.

You could call this a lucky save. After all, it was fortuitous that our client found out right away that his freezer needed attention. But it wasn’t luck that was on his side; it was our software.

PlotWatt’s software allows store managers and employees to address problems like these right away. We’re able to prevent problems before they become more costly to repair or require replacement.




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