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If you’ve got questions about your small business’ electricity costs PlotWatt’s got the answer: Our free energy pilot.  This post addresses some of the frequently asked questions we hear from business owners about this exciting new program.

Why is PlotWatt offering a free pilot?

PlotWatt is passionate about helping businesses lower their energy usage and costs. We’ve experienced great success helping quick-service restaurants adopt and sustain simple changes that add up to big savings on their electric bills. Based on how they are using energy now we coach their employees to do things like stagger equipment startup to lower peak demand charges; make sure thermostats are not only locked, but at their optimal settings; and manage the efficiency of closing, which also helps reduce labor costs.

As PlotWatt seeks to expand beyond restaurants  we’re seeking partners to help us trial our solution in new market segments. If you’re a business owner who likes to be a first-mover on new opportunities and technologies, this is a great opportunity to positive effect your energy costs with no risk and no disruption to your business.

What’s in it for my business?

Money! PlotWatt wants to help your  business reduce electricity costs by showing employees smarter ways to use energy. And we’ll show you as owner how your locations compare when it comes to energy consumption, so you can replicate the best practices of your best-performing sites.

What do you need from me?

Taking part in the pilot is free to qualified businesses. Once your business is enrolled all you need to do is give PlotWatt temporary access to your business’ utility account online (for the duration of the pilot). As we like to say, “Let PlotWatt manage your energy so you have energy to manage your business.” PlotWatt is designed to ease your workload not increase it.

Why do you need access to my electricity account?

PlotWatt takes  data directly from your utility account online and turns it into clear actions your business can take to lower electricity costs. We adhere to the highest standards of data security and encryption of personal information.Give us three months and we’ll give you a lower energy bill, free of charge.

There’s just one question left to ask:

What are you waiting for?

You can read our other post on the program, or if you’ve read enough:

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