We are energy management technology leaders.

“The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards.”
– Arthur Koestler

Nearly 10 years ago PlotWatt’s founder and CEO Luke Fishback found himself baffled by his electric bill…and he’s a rocket scientist. That frustration led to a simple question: “What if I my electric bill was itemized by appliance?”

His answer is PlotWatt, a team of mathematicians, scientists and software developers who write software and create algorithms to take data from smart meters and translate it into what appliances are doing.

Where it gets really cool is what PlotWatt’s energy analysts do with the data. By monitoring location-based usage they uncover the energy-saving opportunities that offer the biggest return. PlotWatt then generates customized recommendations to help employees reduce usage through small changes to their daily routines.

We Are…PlotWatt.

We asked our employees what PlotWatt is to them and here is what they told us:


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