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When you’re a company that embraces green initiatives, reducing your day-to-day energy consumption not only lowers your operating costs, it also aligns with your organization’s values.

Howley Bread Group, a Panera franchisee based in Lincoln, Rhode Island, recently discovered how PlotWatt’s innovative energy technology fits perfectly with their green philosophy and adds up to real savings.

Watch Your Costs Drop
Howley selected two locations to try PlotWatt’s insight services. After three months, Howley is saving an average of $256 per month at each location.

Quick and Simple
Leslie Pakush, Vice President of Administration and Construction at Howley, says she likes PlotWatt’s logical approach to energy savings. Simple steps, like turning things off that shouldn’t be on, can add up to significant savings.  Targeted tips for each location helped Howley work with their overnight bakers to lower HVAC usage.

“PlotWatt only takes a few minutes each week,” says Pakush. “Emails and the dashboard show me the latest savings opportunities, and it’s easy to share the emails with managers.”

Dedicated to Customer Success
PlotWatt is dedicated to excellent customer service. In fact, each client is assigned a Customer Success Representative.

“PlotWatt will follow up with you to make sure you’re using all the tools for the maximum value,” says Pakush. “My Customer Success Representative has been fabulous for answering questions and showing me tips for success.”


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