PlotWatt 101 for QSRs: Detecting Breaking and Broken Appliances

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Imagine a world where you can predict the future – the future of your store’s appliances, that is. As a QSR owner, the state of your appliances probably weighs heavy on your mind – after all, large appliances are the workhorses of the QSR world, and breakdowns slow your business to a crawl. PlotWatt knows you worry, and we’ve developed tools that can make those worries disappear.

When you sign up with PlotWatt, you don’t have to wait for your walk-in freezer to start shooting off sparks. Instead, you can check your email and see that your freezer is about to break down.

That means you can schedule repairs at your convenience. You don’t have to wait for your restaurant’s food to spoil, and you don’t have to interrupt the workflow of your store.

Each of your appliances has its own energy signature, and PlotWatt’s software detects when anything in that signature changes. Even a tiny change can signal a major meltdown, and PlotWatt notifies you as soon as our software detects a change.

Up until now, it hasn’t been easy to determine when an appliance is breaking or about to break. PlotWatt can’t make you psychic, but we can help you predict – and manage – the future of your appliances.

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