5 Reasons to Say No to Our Free Energy Pilot

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Every now and then an offer comes along that really is as good as it seems. PlotWatt’s free energy pilot falls into that category.  As we prepare to expand our success with quick service restaurants into new small to medium business segments, we need to gather data and insights that will help us baseline current energy usage in order to tailor our solution. 

To attract partners in this quest we are offering a free, six-month pilot for businesses that meet the following simple criteria:

  1. Own 25+ locations
  2. Operate in California, New England, Florida, Illinois and/or Ohio
  3. Are willing to provide PlotWatt with temporary access to their online utility accounts so we can collect baseline data for our analyses.

In return PlotWatt will share valuable insights to help our pilot partners drive process improvements that lower energy costs and enhance their overall operational efficiency. (Learn more about how PlotWatt’s service works.) So why wouldn’t you apply? We could think of just five possible reasons:

  1. You don’t meet the criteria and wouldn’t live in Ohio even if the Cleveland Browns won the Super Bowl.
  2. Your brother works for the electric company so you’re committed to resisting any business energy solutions that might result in him moving into your basement (again).
  3. You’ve never won the lottery and you don’t win door prizes, so you’re fearful of being rejected from this great giveaway too.
  4. You’ve planned a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bora Bora in April and you’re not sure you’ll be back by October, or ever.
  5. You have kids, so you’ve just gotten used to saying no to everything.

These are the only excuses a savvy business owner would have to pass on a risk-free, cost-free, hassle-free and obligation-free opportunity to make your business more efficient, more consistent and ultimately more profitable. So…what are you waiting for?

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