PlotWatt for Enterprise Customers

For enterprise customers, PlotWatt uses your smart meter data to unlock features with penetrating insights to empower your management and facilities team. These insights provide actionable information about potential energy and operational savings.

You’ll save time and headaches by receiving our near-real-time alerts, instead of hunting for the root cause 45 days after you get shocked with a high electric bill. Oh, and we’ll save you lots money too. On average, PlotWatt customers save 6%.



PlotWatt’s big-data analytics software sifts through billions of data points to find hidden opportunities and lurking problems  in your electricity data. Our software will help you answer key electricity and operational questions:

BUDGETS: How can I budget more accurately for energy use? How can I make sure my locations hit that budget?

ELECTRICITY WASTE: Where am I wasting money on electricity? How do my locations compare to each other? How do I compare to my peers? Am I using the appropriate amount of energy for my customers (receipts, occupants, etc)?  Are my operations optimized for my time-of-use billing rates?

OPERATIONAL BEST AND WORST PRACTICES: Which locations perform best/worst? What are the best practices across all of my locations?  Which locations have the most/least consistent operational practices? Which days are best/worst? I rolled out a new operational initiative – is it being followed?

PAYBACK:  I rolled out a recent electricity saving initiative – did I get a payback on my ______ (lights, thermostats, etc)? Should I invest ________ to reduce my electricity costs?



You’re busy. We get it. That’s why PlotWatt’s smart-algorithms provide you with the timely information that you need and none of the information overload you don’t.  

Our smart products and notifications help management and facilities teams learn about problems sooner and take action quicker than they otherwise would.  

DASHBOARD: Most managers check PlotWatt’s dashboard at least once a week to see progress versus budgets, remaining waste at locations, performance against operational targets, and more.

TARGETED MESSAGES: Once a week we push notifications to your team with key operational and potential electricity savings opportunities.

REAL-TIME HIGH BILL WARNINGS: If you’re over your budget by 5% at any location, we’ll let you know so you can dive in – in real time – to fix the problem before it’s too late.



The savings with PlotWatt go way beyond money. But of course we’ll save you lots of money too.

SAVE TIME AND HEADACHES  by learning about problems soon after they occur, instead of hunting for the root cause at a location 45 days later when you get shocked by a high electric bill.

SAVE MONEY by finding easy ways to beat your utility bill. On average PlotWatt customers save 6% on their electricity bills.

How do we do it? Behind the scenes, our machine learning algorithms drive analyses using smart-meter data provided from your utility company or data from an existing energy management system.  We then provide simple, modular widgets and notification insights that help you drive your business. This modular approach provides a range of customized solutions depending on company size and operational complexity.

  Enterprise Businesses with Smart-Meter Data Available (100+ locations) Enterprises with Energy Management System Data Available
Smart Budgets    
Real Time Performance v Smart Budgets      
Peak Demand Control      
Daily Energy Use      
Opening/Closing Labor Analytics      
Time of Use Budgets      
Sustainability Goal Setting and Metrics Evaluation      
Industry Specific Score (ex: occupancy/revenue vs. energy)      
Utility Rebate Options      
Daily variance notifications      
Peer Comparison      
Advanced Portfolio Budgeting (100+)      
Portfolio Labor Analytics (100+)      
Best practice identification (100+)      
Measurement and Verification of Portfolio Energy Savings Initiatives      
Freezer Off Alerts     
Freezer Diagnostics     
Control System Malfunction, Variation, and Overall System Audit     


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