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3 Rules of Thumb for Outdoor LED Lights for Quick Service Restaurants

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We work with a lot of quick service restaurant owners, and one of the hot topics of conversation these days is outdoor LED lights. While lighting typically represents less than 15 percent of a company’s overall electric bill, we support good practices across the board, as long as they also make good financial sense.

Upstream Watt Multiplier (1 Watt Saved > 1 Watt Generated)

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In the world of “clean energy,” projects fall into one of two categories: increasing clean energy generation (supply) or decreasing energy consumption (demand). The energy generation side is developing technologies aimed at displacing the power plants we already have and building additional capacity for our ever-increasing energy appetites. Cool. On the other side, there are those of us focusing on more efficiently using the energy produced, no matter what the source. In this post, I’ll describe why these aren’t just two sides of the same coin.

What about the non-monetary value of CFLs?

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In response to some great feedback, I’d like to address the non-monetary aspect of energy efficiency steps like CFL replacement. There are compelling non-monetary cases for pursuing energy efficiency. Efficiency can be justified by any number of valid reasons like: combatting climate change, increasing energy independence, protecting land from mining or drilling, human / plant / animal health, etc.

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