Case Study

Howley Bread Group

Panera Franchisee

Leslie Pakush, VP of Administration/Construction


Howley Bread Group, a leading Panera franchisee based in Lincoln, Rhode Island, selected several cafes to try PlotWatt’s innovative energy saving technology. Howley liked PlotWatt’s logical approach – turn things off that shouldn’t be on – and the synergies with their existing green initiatives, such as clean food and recycling. While it’s still early in the program, the results to date have yielded an average of $256/location per month of savings for the stores participating in the program. Not bad for a few minutes a week!

Here’s what Leslie Pakush, VP of Administration/Construction at Howley, had to say about the program:

What interested you in PlotWatt in the first place?

“We’re always looking at ways to save money, and we’re very interested in any energy initiative ideas because that’s the type of company we are. PlotWatt fits perfectly with our clean food and other recycling initiatives.”

What makes PlotWatt different?

“There are tons of other companies that pitched me on energy things. I’m a very logical person, and I believe PlotWatt’s model just makes sense. Simple things, like monitoring when we have equipment on that we shouldn’t have on and then focusing on turning it off, help save money.”

What’s your favorite part of the product?

“Email notifications tell us when something’s wrong and also provide reminders of steps to take that week to reach maximum savings. It’s a very positive approach and I love the reinforcement messages as well.”  


How would you rate PlotWatt’s customer service?

“They don’t leave you on your own. PlotWatt follows up to make sure you’re getting value from it. My Customer Success representative is fabulous. Thanks PlotWatt!”

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