Webinar: KFC’s Leslie Sharp Calls PlotWatt “The Best Investment in the Back of the House”

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“You can put in as many services and bells and whistles as you want, but any quick service owner will tell you that if you can’t get people to modify their behavior you won’t get results,” KFC owner Leslie Sharp tells fellow franchisees in this half-hour webinar.

Key insights from Sharp’s experience with PlotWatt:

  • My passion is my employees, some who have been there since I was a little girl
  • We invest in things that improve quality first and/or save money.
  • In a P&L review, utilities always stood out.
  • The emails are actionable. PlotWatt makes it easy.
  • Whatever you do, if you can’t modify behavior, you won’t get results
  • We found out our freezer was failing and avoided product loss
  • We saw our PlotWatt score go from 6s & 7s to a few perfect 10s
  • We saw an impact on our P&L within 3 weeks. Real dollars

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