Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it pencil?

We’ll make you cash flow positive faster than you can say kilowatt hour.

Choose our easy financing options and be cash flow positive from month one. Or, pay cash and still get cash flow positive in the first year.

2. How long is the contract?

We ask that customers commit to a 12-month contract to cycle in order to get a complete view of usage patterns and true savings over seasonal fluctuations. If at the end of that time you’re not satisfied, our no-hassle money-back guarantee helps us part as friends.

3. Are my fellow franchisees using it?

Our quick-service restaurant (QSR) customers represent 14+ brands, 31 states and 85 ownership groups, covering more than 2,000 stores.

4. I’m already super-efficient. Can you still save me money?

What you measure you can manage, so even the most efficient restaurants find new opportunities to save with PlotWatt.

5. Do you do more than stagger my fire-up schedule?

Yes, we go beyond the common best practices QSRs already know to follow; PlotWatt’s targeted tips are based on your restaurants’ actual usage and the savings opportunities our energy analysts identify as offering the greatest potential return.

6. How much time will it take for my team?

Your team can read and take action PlotWatt’s targeted email tips in just minutes. Commitment to reading and acting on the emails is essential to sustaining cost-saving habits over time and with employee turnover.

7. What is peak usage and why should I care?

For most businesses, electricity charges include actual consumption plus the highest capacity demand, typically a 15-minute period during a given billing cycle. The challenge for QSRs is that peak usage charges can constitute 25-50 percent of the electricity bill.

8. Is it difficult to install?

PlotWatt contracts a local electrician for installation. It only takes about an hour and does not impact store operations.

9. How long until I see results?

Once the meter is installed it takes about two weeks to establish a baseline before we begin sending targeted-tip emails. As quickly as employees engage you’ll start to see your bills decrease.