Case Study: 5-Store Dunkin’ Donuts Intercepts Freezer Malfunction

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I’m amazed by what PlotWatt has caught. Knowing that PlotWatt is looking after my equipment helps me rest easy. – Dunkin’ Donut owner Manuel Rocha

  • Annual electric bill before PlotWatt: $38,869
  • Annual electric bill after PlotWatt: $33,219
  • Year 1 net direct savings average: $3,650

“We started saving money the first week,” Rocha said of his five-store PlotWatt install in Connecticut. “Adding PlotWatt to our stores was the best decision we’ve made all year.”


Timely Alert Protects Equipment, Prevents Inventory Loss

“Can’t be.” That was the manager’s initial reaction to PlotWatt’s SMS alert. Their stores had no history of such equipment issues.

Creating visibility to critical, but often-invisible, aspects of operations is one of the important benefits of PlotWatt for customers. In this case our monitoring of critical HVAC and walk-in equipment showed an anomaly generated by rapid cycling of the walk-in freezer.

When the store investigated it discovered that improperly installed refrigerant pipes had caused a buildup of ice that obstructed the door seal. Within hours of repair refrigeration cycles returned to normal. The store avoided the cost and safety issues of an inventory’s compromise, not to mention unnecessary wear-and-tear on the equipment.

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