Case Study: 11-Store KFC Uncovers $6,000 Peak Usage Billing Error

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PlotWatt is a must-have tool in any KFC operation. If you haven’t talked to PlotWatt, you should. – Ray Aley, 11-store install, Northeast Region

In a recent three-month period with PlotWatt:

  • Uncovered a $6,100 peak usage billing error
  • Reduced monthly electricity by $250
  • Averted compressor failure

“I save money and streamline appliance maintenance. Best of all it takes virtually no time on my part as a franchisee,”

Aley said of his experience with PlotWatt.

Costly Errors

PlotWatt tracks stores’ actual usage, which uniquely equips us to spot billing errors that otherwise would go undetected. Our energy analysts found an anomaly that would have led to a $6,100 overcharge for the year.

Hot Discoveries

We were able to alert the restaurant that heating elements had burned out in several fryers. Undetected, they required employees to cook food longer, a waste of time and energy.

Cool Savings

PlotWatt noticed that compressors were working overtime on several coolers. Timely intervention helped KFC avoid total compressor failure, as well as the resulting equipment and inventory replacement costs.

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