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How It Works

We install an energy monitor in each of your locations to feed real-time electricity data back to PlotWatt.

We use powerful software algorithms to make it time- and cost-efficient to find the biggest saving opportunities for the least effort on your electric bill.

PlotWatt emails your managers tips to suggest how to get the greatest energy savings based on current usage.

We consistently acknowledge a job well done so the teams remain motivated and encouraged to keep improving.

We also monitor HVACs, walk-in coolers and freezers and alert you if equipment is not functioning properly.

Owners receive a weekly email recapping stores’ progress, and showing the savings opportunities.

Our monthly report shows how much you’ve saved, and the PlotWatt score indicates how well teams are making and sustaining the changes.

Easy ≠ Simple

Our friendly emails and reporting are powered by some serious science, complex analytics and machine-learning software.

Take a look at how we see your energy.

PlotWatt: High Return on Effort

As a franchise owner most of your energy is consumed with growing your business and ensuring the quality that will keep customers coming back. PlotWatt is unique from other money-saving investments you can make because we deliver so much for so little effort on your part.


“PlotWatt takes virtually no time on my part as a franchisee and saves me lots of money.”

– Ray Aley, KFC

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